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Day 5: When the 3 King's Came

For many people around the world, January the 6th is a special day because it is when they celebrate Dia de los Reyes, or Three King's Day. It is a day that some also call "Little Christmas" (and others celebrate it as Epiphany). Tradition has declared it as a day when families remember the coming of the 3 Wise Men in their royal crowns who give precious gifts to the Holy Baby Jesus.  For many, it is the day when families exchange/open their gifts from each other and when children wake to find their shoes (which were put out the night before along with a bowl of walnuts for their specially anticipated visitors and some fresh water for the 3 Kings' camels) filled with gifts and goodies if the children were good, similar to the stockings so many other children do for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

For our family, it is a day we look forward to with a great deal of anticipation and a little sadness as it is also the last holiday of our winter season. We do this as a way of bringing a touch of our family's heritage to our children, as well as a way for us to get a last chance to celebrate before we pack up all of the decorations and take down our tree. We also touch heavily on the meaning of being able to give to all of our Heavenly Father's children from the gifts which we've been given so richly.  It is part of why we originally wanted to host the giveaway series, as well as sharing with you another tradition: we like to give each of our children a crown, and ask them to name a special gift that has meant the most to them during this holiday season for every tip on their crown.  So we want to give you a special soft Crown of your own (the winner will be able to tell us what size they would like as well as the color)!

We're going to keep it simple, so for today we're asking everyone who wants to be entered to name your 3 favorite gifts (another name might be "blessing") and to share those blessings with your friends and family (starting with sharing this giveaway opportunity). So leave a comment here on the blog and let us know your 3 favorites as well as how you've shared the giveaway, or go to our facebook page and leave a comment there on a post about this giveaway as well.

I can't wait to hear what your favorite things have been this holiday season!!!!

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