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Day 6: Walking in Candyland

When I was a kid, one of the imaginary games we played year-round along with all of the adventures of princesses and super heroes was how we were able to live in Candy Land. With rivers a chocolate bubbling along a path lined with gummy grass and fruity flowers, one of the things we loved was that magical moment when we would be able to play and swing from the branches in Peppermint Forest.

As an adult, the days after the holidays always leave me longing for those times as a kid...hahaha, especially when you get home after a long day of work, chauffeuring kids, and running errands. Instead of wanting to swing from the Peppermint Forest's branches, though, I want little more than to soak my feet in a cool, peppermint forest bath instead. And wouldn't it be simply amazing if you could do that and have the stress, exhaustion, and swelling also simply wash away?  This time with an added bonus....it is today's prize for the giveaway!

Don't want to wait? Come find the bottles here!
To enter, we're asking you to tell us what your favorite game of "pretend" was as a kid...or your favorite imaginary place. Share the contest with people, and let us know either in the comments here, or on the post about today's giveaway on the business facebook page your answer to today's question. Don't let yourself get too lost going down memory lane before you let us know, though...this giveaway is only going to be open until tomorrow (apologies, we've had some delays but this means that everyone still has a chance to enter so hurry and get sharing those memories and this giveaway because this extension won't last long)!

Congratulations to today's winner, Bo Diana!!! Sorry to those who didn't make it this week, but be sure to check out the new contest...you still have a chance to win, if you hurry!

1 comment:

  1. I used to pretend that I was bird watching. I would bring out my play camera (that had no way to zoom) and look for the birds. =)
    PS. my family loves fizzing bath salts!