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End of Year Countdown 2015 Intro

While the parties have been raging, the snow was beginning to fall, the night skies were putting on their long winter display, and on our end the hooks were flying through a storm of fiber while the smells of mixed oils hovered in the air...all thanks to the amazing support and encouragement from each of you!

We've been wanting to find a fun way to give you all our thanks even as we launch our newest product line Cauldron Bubbles Bath and Kitchen. So we thought we'd do it by hosting a series of giveaways to introduce you to new fun things and favorite products.

To start with, we wanted to be able to look back on the past year's adventures we've enjoyed with you all as a way to get things going. So we put an all call out yesterday, asking for some of the pictures of things people have gotten from us, and we've also been working to add a few of our own pictures of things from our end. Those who sent in pictures were entered in for a giveaway (winners announced on the facebook page this time). I hope you enjoy this collection, and be sure to stay tuned...we'll be posting a new giveaway Every Day for the next 2 weeks, and you will NOT want to miss out!!!  What have been the pictures you'd use to highlight your 2015 experiences?

One of the best things we've been lucky enough to do has been to partner with Danielle Pace, owner of Dani's Knitting and Crochet.  Whether you found her spinning on her wheel at the Gardeners' Market in Logan, or enjoyed finding her fun and adorable knit products along with our crocheted treasures, it has been a pure pleasure!

Who can resist those snuggly unique pillbugs from Dani's knitting needles?!
Another amazing gift this year has been the addition to our little band of Shannon Babb, the mad-scientist genius behind many of the new Cauldron Bubbles bath and kitchen products we've all been enjoying. Truly incredible, she's the one creating such unique and original products such as our milk bombs and the bathmallows as well as working with John and Rachel on the other bombs and soaps.

When these little dragons popped up and began to be commented on by the kids, the magic really came out!

Still a regular delight, John's chainmaille jewelry and the crocheted additions have been such a fun treat!

As much fun and pleasure that has been enjoyed, none of it has been as treasured as the incredible and creative ways you have each brought out the true joy in the handcrafts in the booths as well as online. The tremendous blessings that come when you all share with us those Christmas morning pictures of kids enjoying their new hat, of a newborn finding their hands along with their wig while snuggling in a warm cocooning sack, or just a prince curled up in an adorable pose....YOU are what keep things moving forward and proving to be such a blessing to everyone!

Congratulations to the winners Gayle Knapp and Anna Bernouli!!!! Be sure to join with us for the next one, there are a LOT still in store!  Thank you everyone for all of your support, we are looking forward to continuing on into the new year!

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