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You know how as a kid you always wanted to find that missing chest of pirate treasure, or to stumble on the dragon's horde....or even just that someone from Publisher's Clearinghouse would just walk up and give your folks or you that check? Boy, are you in good company!  That is something of the feeling we wanted to create as we were beginning the introductions
to you of some of the newest listings in The Handmade Heritage etsy shop even as we have directly been hoping to introduce to you our new Cauldron Bubbles etsy shop and all of the new bath luxuries that we've begun selling there....we hope you've enjoyed it all!

While we've had so much fun getting to hear your comments (and seriously appreciate everyone who has been participating), the clock has wound down to the final giveaway...and a whole new beginning for us.  Having said that, we wanted to "go with a bang" on the giveaways...so we're going to make our last giveaway (for a little while anyway) more of a doozy as we start really revving up with the online shops.  We're going to have a "grand prize jackpot" that includes a massive collection:

A child-size Ponytail Wig hat, 

a bottle of Rocky Mtn Christmas fizzy sand,

a 9-pack of Flu Relief shower melts,
a bar of Peppermint Cream Soap and Soap Mat, and even

a sweet little Mini Dragon to round the whole prize out!

With a full prize value worth more than $65, you don't want to take too long to come join the fun and bring your friends!

To enter to win, we're asking everyone to tag 2 friends you think will be interested on the business facebook post.  For an extra entry, after you've tagged your friends on facebook leave a comment here on the blog letting us know what are the ways you'd love to spoil yourself and your friends if you had the option.  The contest will run through January 31st so you'll only have until then to get your entries in, and the winner announced the next day.

So tell us....what would you like to find in that treasure chest for you and your friends?

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  1. Hmm... To spoil myself with my current means, I would draw a bath and have it scented with some lovely Epsom salts, or maybe oatmeal, or maybe both! Probably a luxurious Eastern-inspired spicy blend. Then I would lay in bed and read, and doze, and relax.