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Cephalopods and Octopi and all of the curly fun!

Whether you are a complete fan of all things aquatic, a lover of exotic seafoods, or just thoroughly enjoy looking to find fun, curious, or cute critters, there is just something about an octopus that tends to grab hold of the imagination. When you start searching out cephalopod art, you will find them in everything from a wide range of science fiction and fantasy figures to literature inspired canvases to children's cartoon themes and beyond. 

In our house, particularly for the past while, it has distinctly come with the music of the Octonauts theme playing frequently.  So when I saw a squid's tentacles dancing across the screen just after looking at a piece of jewelry with the tentacles curling into a twisted pendant I was reminded of some twisty ponytail holders from my childhood...and just HAD to see if I could get that look to turn out in fiber the way I was envisioning it!  (Yes, I know...for those of us in the know, that was a bit like watching Pinky's thought process getting revealed to the Brain but what can I say?  He always was the genius of the two, hahaha.) Hence, the birth of the Octopus addition to our Minis collection. 

They are made from a wonderfully soft acrylic yarn, nylon lined so the stuffing is far more secure, and filled to being squishable with a non-compacting polyester fiber....all of which adds up to some wonderful little characters that kids can play freely with, pull and tug on with all of that enviable energy, and even the eyes will still stay where they are supposed to (though to be fair and honest, these little guys ARE made of yarn so at some point I'm sure the threads will give way with abuse). Be ready though...these little friends will still love to cuddle after all of that, so you will have a hard time getting rid of them. ;) 

Another fun part is the wide variety of colors we can use with them. If you'd like to request one for yourself click through to the etsy shop, check in with us on facebook, or share a picture with us on instagram. With that thought in mind....what color would you most like to see worked into those wonderful curls?

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