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Drum roll please...........

That's right, folks, it is time!  We hope that you've all had an absolutely fantastic time etting those sneak peeks of so many new products (not to mention enjoying some of our favorites from the regular inventory) while we've been able to play a little during the past couple of (cold) weeks. We can't wait to hear from every one about what they think of their prizes!  Did you catch on to who was winning things before?

Congrats to Gayle Knapp and Anna Bernoulli each winning a crown!
Congrats to Kim Davis, hot cocoa bomb winner!

Congrats to Bo Diana for winning all of this!

Ok, but now that we've once again been able to celebrate with everyone who already knows their prizes....what about the grand prize?  Well....the winner of all of the jackpot that includes the following prizes from The Handmade Heritage etsy shop as well as the Cauldron Bubbles etsy shop:

 is none other than......Diane Creighton!!!  Congratulations, Diane, we'll be touching base soon on how to get all of your grand prize to you!!!

Thanks to everyone who has joined in the fun and prize offerings, and checking out all of our product sneak peeks!!!  We hope you've enjoyed yourselves, and can't wait to hear from you all very soon!  (Be sure to stay tuned....while we're working hard to get all of the shop updates caught up as well as the blog fully running again, we're likely going to be having some further celebratory offerings and contests up so be sure to stay tuned!)


  1. What?!? Doing the happy dance here! Awesome!!! Thank you so much! I love it! Yay! So fun to win such wonderful things. I know I will enjoy them. Thank you, thank you! :)

    1. Got so excited that I spelled my name wrong! Yikes. Thank you again!