"Where family, tradition, handmade, and history all meet." is more than just a catch phrase...it is our offer to you. With practical luxuries your skin will be enchanted by, unique handcrafted jewelry, and fun fiber for all ages!

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Even while all of our website pages are under construction, we hope you'll continue to join in the adventure with us! Keep touch here, on facebook, twitter, or in our etsy shop. We're so excited to see what surprises jump up next!

Here's where to find us, so Bring on the FUN!!!!

Summer around here means LOTS of fun and events where we'll get to visit and play with everyone....and where you can find not only your favorites but also all kinds of new treasures and delights!

So, having said that, to make it easier for you to find us as the season goes I'm going to keep a running schedule here for everyone....and when I'm able, I'll help give a few previews for the upcoming events (and new product releases) for things on the facebook page (plus this way those of you who aren't able to be there in person will get a chance to also play and catch a touch of what is happening at live events). So, you ready? Set?  Here we go!!!

*Wednesday, August 3rd: Believe it or not, we're actually helping to put on a big event just for the Wednesdays in Wellsville farmer's market!  We're calling it The Whistler's Faire which is a bardic festival and a one-of-a-kind community event for N. Utah. There will be your weekly favorites of fresh produce and local artisans, but for this one day only there will also be a series of storytellers, live entertainers such as magicians, balloon artists, face painters, and a community-wide Stone Soup Cook-Off where kids ages 14-21 will be put into teams and competing for a cash prize...and the community (who pays for their meal tickets) will get to join with judges in finding their favorites to give grand prizes to! More details are available on the blogsite ( www.whistlersfaire.blogspot.com) including applications and such, but in the meantime feel free to talk with the good people we're partnering with from the market at www.facebook.com/wednesdaysinwellsville so that you can score some amazing meal tickets and fun previews!
*Saturday, August 6th: Cache Valley Gardeners' Market fresh produce, live music, and amazing art....plus yours truly, ready to have fun with fiber, chainmaille, and luxuriously scented practical touches for you! Find us between the courthouse buildings at 199 N. Main in Logan from 9am-1pm. For more info about the market, go to www.gardenersmarket.org.
*Wednesday, August 10th: Wednesdays in Wellsville farmer's market is one of our favorite events, right at the foot of the gorgeous and historic Tabernacle in Wellsville, Utah in their town square. Fresh produce, amazingly comfortable and gorgeous setting, cool breezes, and even a craft corner under a canopy so people can sit and chat for awhile....come experience it for yourself 3-7pm!
*Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 12-14th: we're heading to West Valley City for SteamFest! A terrific (and unique for our region of the country) steampunk immersive convention, we're excited to be able to celebrate all of the incredible industrial and fantasy inspired play and learning! For more information about this event, be sure to go to www.saltcitysteamfest.com.
* Wednesday, August 17th: we're back to the Wednesdays in Wellsville market (before heading back out for some family time).
* Wednesday, August 24th: just in time for Back to School week, we're returning for the Wednesdays in Wellsville market....and very excited to hear what you think of our special seasonal previews (special for the Wednesday market) along with all of the incredible opportunities to get geared up before this market closes for the season!
*Saturday, August 27th: Back to School week makes a terrific time to come by the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market, and we'll be right there with you! With lots of fresh produce and wonderful food, not to mention all of those new apartment and new school essentials, you won't want to miss all of this opportunity!
*Wednesday, August 31st: the very last market for the Wednesdays in Wellsville farmer's market, and you won't want to miss out....talk about a seasonal preview opportunity, just in time to make sure you are able to get a full jump on getting everyone covered on your holiday lists so that you'll be able to relax and enjoy all that the holiday has to offer!
*Saturday, September 3rdCache Valley Gardeners' Market brings you fresh produce, live music, and amazing art....plus yours truly, ready to have fun with fiber, chainmaille, and luxuriously scented practical touches from us just for you! Find us between the courthouse buildings at 199 N. Main in Logan from 9am-1pm.
*Monday, September 5th: the Wellsville Founder's Day is a terrifically fun opportunity to really get into celebrating and playing for Labor Day!  Check out all of the event schedule info HERE, and then get ready to join us for a day of fun right next to where the parade, watermelon bust, and more activities are to be found along with your favorite scent luxuries, chainmaille glitter, and fiber friends!
*Having gotten to the end of the summer season, things calm down a little as we'll be found only every Saturday at the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market from 9am-1pm....and what a rich opportunity this is given the variety of summer produce available alongside your handcrafted favorites! For more information about the market itself, feel free to check them out at www.gardenersmarket.org.
We'll be getting even more information to everyone about everything happening this month and the few following, but for the first 2 weeks of October you'll still be able to find us at the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market and then we'll be starting our holiday shows and run including a spooktacularly fun event in Salt Lake City area dedicated to all things Halloween. While we're enjoying all of the summer fun, though, we're looking to fill our Autumn/Winter schedules so if there is an event you'd like to see us at be sure to let us know!

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