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Melting Witches, Cool Reminders, and Magic events...in a Prize Package?

Anyone else feeling her pain lately?
Contest Closed Thanks to everyone who joined us, we hope you had fun!

Ok, so I know it is hot enough out there lately to help give everyone a bit more sympathy for Oz's wicked witch. So we thought we'd help everyone keep some cool thoughts while sponsoring a chance to help get the word out about two of our upcoming events that we are absolutely over-the-moon excited for (and so will your friend)!

The first biggie is The Whistler's Faire, a bardic festival August 3rd meant to act as a terrific community event reflective of old world traditions as well as a terrific fundraiser to help reopen the Wellsville Tabernacle. We're excited to actually be sponsoring this event directly by helping to organize and carry out the event (we're even going so far as to join in the cook off!). This is an opportunity to come and learn a touch of what those ages old bardic festivals were like by joining in the fun with magicians, balloon artists, storytelling, plus more! There will also be merchants/vendors there (including yours truly), some terrific medieval displays, and the terrific (and yummy!) Stone Soup Cook Off. If you are interested, be sure to head over to the facebook event page and let us know you're coming to reserve your spot as it were (respond on the fb event, or just email us), and help us out by sharing the info with everyone you know for a chance to win (keep reading for details)!

The other big source for excitement is SteamFest, a steampunk convention happening in West Valley, Utah August 12-14. We're incredibly excited to jump into another time and place while everyone is exploring fantastic Victorian cultural inventions, magic, and possibilities! We're bringing all of our fun favorites and even introducing our gift sets with some very specific steampunk flair that is going to surprise you just before you head off to enjoy the music and magic with you
r own event tickets (your chance to win is coming...you ready to find out how easy this one will be?)!

Ok, so for the prize to help you remember the cool kiss of winter that you are yearning for at the same time as thrilling over the magic and music coming....we're offering a prize package combo of a jar of Candy Cane Forest (this is a holiday preview batch, folks!) Bath Fizz, a bar of Mint Forest soap, 2 meal tickets for the Stone Soup Cook Off, and 2 tickets for a Friday only full pass to SteamFest (yep, this even includes the concerts as well as hall pass for the day)!

To win, all we need you to do is go and invite at least 10 of your friends, family, and neighbors to the facebook event for The Whistler's Faire via your facebook profile, share it on twitter, or sharing the graphic on instagram and then let us know either in a comment here or on the facebook post about this contest. Better hurry, though....you only have until Monday night before the winner will be announced!

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