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November 2011 A Month of Prizes!

This month, we are going to try for something a little different.  I'll be posting details of the contest here on this blog (including prizes, current and past contests, and other rules to qualify for the final Grand Prize collection of goodies as well as the contents up for grabs) as we go, but I wanted to include the info for everyone to find easier.  However, the contest itself is happening on our facebook page (you can get there by clicking here or by searching The Handmade Heritage in the fb search bar).  But just in case you wanted to know:

Nov 2-6th 2011: This is a Movie Quotes Contest.  Be the first to come and tell me what character in what movie and what year said "7 squirrelly cherubs, right out of this world." on the fb page and you win a beautifully rich plum colored Adjustable Simple Choker/Headband with Flower!  Even if you don't know where the quote comes from, come over and check it out...some times the things people guess can be a lot of fun, plus I keep adding hints to help out as time goes by and no one has figured it out.

Grand Prize Giveaway: This is one you are NOT going to want to miss!  We are joining up with a few other vendors to provide an amazing collection of goodies to loved ones or yourself during the holiday season!  There are quite a few ways to be entered in for the drawing (and we'll be adding to these as we go, too!): 
*You can go to our business page on facebook (again, click here or search The Handmade Heritage on the facebook site) and become a facebook fan (everyone who has 'liked' our page by the drawing deadline will automatically be entered).  
*You can be entered for another by becoming a Follower of our blog (just keep scrolling down and look at the side) with the same understanding that all of our Followers will be entered as well.  *Another option for double entries is to share our fb page to your friends or family who choose to become followers....be sure that they leave a message on the wall saying who sent them and that they 'like' the page! 
*Plus everyone who purchases any product from us online will also automatically be entered as well!

As vendors opt in with the Grand Prize drawing for the end of the month, I'll also post their sites and entry requirements (so watch for updates on this post to make sure you don't miss out!), as well as the pictures of the prizes being offered up.  I'm so excited for the holiday season to be upon us and to get to play with all of you! :D

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