"Where family, tradition, handmade, and history all meet." is more than just a catch phrase...it is our offer to you. With practical luxuries your skin will be enchanted by, unique handcrafted jewelry, and fun fiber for all ages!

The landing page is full of all of our giveaways and freebies. If you enjoy what you're finding be sure to also remember to support what we're doing by purchasing through one of the etsy shops or ordering a new favorite from us directly.

Even while all of our website pages are under construction, we hope you'll continue to join in the adventure with us! Keep touch here, on facebook, twitter, or in our etsy shop. We're so excited to see what surprises jump up next!

Friday Freebie.....Bathtub Day and National Flower Day

While getting things ready for this week's Friday Freebie, I started googling holidays applicable to this date...and wouldn't you know it but all on one day it is Bathtub Day and National Flower Day. Since those 2 things are something that we kinda specialize in, we thought "who should challenge fate"?!

So we now present to you this week's "Friday Freebie"....and opportunity to win a Rose Garden bath bomb! To win, just go to the facebook page (CLICK HERE) and like, share, and comment on the post about this one. For an extra entry, leave a comment here letting us know what your favorite bouquet of flowers is (either your favorite flower, or your favorite combination....though the "why" is always helpful, hahaha, it isn't required).

Simple as smelling a rose, right? So....what are your favorite flowers to indulge in?

Friday Freebie.....National Homemade Cookie Day, Chocolate Soap, and happy skin!

Did you know....tomorrow is National Homemade Cookie Day!

Ok, truth be told I hadn't realized that Cookie Monster's favorite day of the year was ACTUALLY a thing until I jumped online and had a fun reminder pop up but once it was there I couldn't resist. Hey, who really actually has an easy time of ignoring the pull and lure of fresh, homemade chocolate chips? I'm not, hahaha, so I figured we would make today's Friday Freebie something that could play along with by making this week's giveaway all about the chocolate....Chocolate Bread Soap, that is!

To enter to win, all you need to do is head on over to the facebook page (CLICK HERE) to click like, share, and comment (yep, all 3....we check). For an extra entry opportunity, just because we'd love to have everyone join in the fun, leave a comment here sharing your favorite cookie recipe or share a link in your comment on the facebook page post about the giveaway. After all, everyone should be able to enjoy a great homemade cookie with all of their friends (even in anticipation)...right? So bring on those recipes, we can't wait to see who wins this one!

Friday Freebie.....Japanese Tea Garden shower melts

Can you believe that we're already at the end of September?! Honestly, until last night I was starting to wonder...and boy did it come with a bang around here at that point! hahaha

So we thought that we'd help lend a cheery smile and a touch of exotic lands with this week's Friday Freebie by giving you the chance to try out a Japanese Tea Garden shower melt. This is a shower melt based upon an infusion of green tea and Japanese mint which is really unique and different from what most others (especially here in the US) are accustomed to whenever they hear the word "mint". (Man, it is moments like this that we wish we could just do some kind of scratch-and-sniff button on computers!) With all the exotic scent of a mint that is like a cross between peppermint and spearmint which comes from the Japanese peppermint, and with all the energy from the infused green tea, these are an incredible way to treat yourself to a whole new aromatherapy experience. As the brochure says, "close your eyes, feel the hot shower wash over you, and find yourself surrounded with all the exotic, peaceful comforts of a Japanese tea garden".

To win your own 2 pack of these melts, simply go to our facebook page (CLICK HERE) and click like, comment, and share the pictures you'll find there. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after midnight, so be sure not to wait!  Ok, ready....Set....GO!

Friday Freebie....Summer Meadows

Over here, John's absolute favorite bar of soap has been (and probably will mostly always be) our Summer Meadows. The scent blend of lemon and lemongrass essential oils with the caress of the calendula petals is something that just takes you straight into one of those amazing summer days when the smells of fresh green, warm sun, and gently rustling flora and fauna saturate through every pore. It has also been a regular favorite for many of you at our farmer's market booths, so we thought we'd use it to introduce our Friday Freebie specials as a special thanks.

All you need to do to enter this one is CLICK HERE to go to the facebook page and like, comment, and share under the appropriate post. In return, you will be entered into a randomly selected drawing for a bar of Summer Meadows soap to enjoy. Better hurry, though...the contest is only for today, with the winner being announced either late tonight or tomorrow morning!

If you would like to order some for yourself, you can CLICK HERE for the etsy shop listing, message us on our facebook page, or send us an email at handmadeheritage@gmail.com. Thanks for joining in the fun today, and good luck!

Crisp Leaves, Pumpkin Spice, and...Handmade Heritage fun events!

There is little that speaks to the changing of the season at the end of summer's heat quite like the sight of falling leaves, the crisp mornings nipping at your hands, and school buses rumbling through the side streets...not to mention pumpkin spice flavored everything, hahaha! All of those and so much more help us all to get excited as we anticipate the fun holidays that are coming, the gift giving, and the family and friends gathering around amazing treats and feasts.

The biggest catch is often all of the fun also quickly can turn into a schedule full of craziness...and still not quite finding those hostess thank yous, holiday gifts, or just your favorite smells that help you to relax and really enjoy the season. So to make it easier for you to find us as for the next few months, I'm going to keep a running schedule here for everyone....and when I'm able, I'll help give a few previews for the upcoming events (and new product releases) for things on the facebook page.  Plus this way those of you who aren't able to be there in person will get a chance to also play and catch a touch of what is happening at live events (not to mention learning about all of the online sales offerings and giveaways!). So, you ready? Set?  Here we go!!!

*Saturday, September 3rdCache Valley Gardeners' Market brings you fresh produce, live music, and amazing art....plus yours truly, ready to have fun with fiber, chainmaille, and luxuriously scented practical touches from us just for you! Find us between the courthouse buildings at 199 N. Main in Logan from 9am-1pm.
*Monday, September 5th: the Wellsville Founder's Day is a terrifically fun opportunity to really get into celebrating and playing for Labor Day!  Check out all of the event schedule info HERE, and then get ready to join us for a day of fun right next to where the parade, watermelon bust, and more activities are to be found along with your favorite scent luxuries, chainmaille glitter, and fiber friends!
*Saturday, September 10th, 17th, and 24th: we're back to the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market with all of your fun, favorite scents and skin loving blends with a few added bonuses and fresh new seasonal specials (be sure to watch for announcements on the facebook page to find out what might be showing up there)!

*Saturday, October 1st: the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market is still going strong with fresh produce, live music, and terrific artisans (including yours truly) eager to see you all there! 9am-1pm at 199 N. Main in Logan, right next to the historic courthouse.
*Saturday, October 8th: we're not only enjoying our usual, but this week is the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market's Harvest Festival where you find the weekly regulars plus free trick-or-treating with the vendors, cookie decorating, and pumpkin painting!
*Friday and Saturday, October 14-15th: get ready to get your ghoul on (and share some fun scents-and-treats!) at the Halloween Expo at the Sandy South Town Expo Center! For full information about the event or to order tickets, CLICK HERE and we'll see you there!
*Saturday, October 22nd: we'll be back in Cache Valley at the Hyde Park Fall Boutique. A terrific little event, this is on of the absolute best ways to not only get past the mourning stages but actually celebrate for all of you "deer hunt widows". Get all of your friends or sisters together, and come see what is in store...there are a range of party businesses (Tupperware, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, etc) as well as handcrafts and artisan works...including all of your favorite smell-good, indulge yourself kind of fun treasures you get with us. Find it for yourselves at the Hyde Park City Building at 113 E Center St, Hyde Park Utah from 10am-4pm.

We'll continue updating this as we get new shows confirmed, of course. Be sure to stay tuned to hear about all of the fun new things we doing...including holiday preview weeks, seasonal clearance events, etc. 

Melting Witches, Cool Reminders, and Magic events...in a Prize Package?

Anyone else feeling her pain lately?
Contest Closed Thanks to everyone who joined us, we hope you had fun!

Ok, so I know it is hot enough out there lately to help give everyone a bit more sympathy for Oz's wicked witch. So we thought we'd help everyone keep some cool thoughts while sponsoring a chance to help get the word out about two of our upcoming events that we are absolutely over-the-moon excited for (and so will your friend)!

The first biggie is The Whistler's Faire, a bardic festival August 3rd meant to act as a terrific community event reflective of old world traditions as well as a terrific fundraiser to help reopen the Wellsville Tabernacle. We're excited to actually be sponsoring this event directly by helping to organize and carry out the event (we're even going so far as to join in the cook off!). This is an opportunity to come and learn a touch of what those ages old bardic festivals were like by joining in the fun with magicians, balloon artists, storytelling, plus more! There will also be merchants/vendors there (including yours truly), some terrific medieval displays, and the terrific (and yummy!) Stone Soup Cook Off. If you are interested, be sure to head over to the facebook event page and let us know you're coming to reserve your spot as it were (respond on the fb event, or just email us), and help us out by sharing the info with everyone you know for a chance to win (keep reading for details)!

The other big source for excitement is SteamFest, a steampunk convention happening in West Valley, Utah August 12-14. We're incredibly excited to jump into another time and place while everyone is exploring fantastic Victorian cultural inventions, magic, and possibilities! We're bringing all of our fun favorites and even introducing our gift sets with some very specific steampunk flair that is going to surprise you just before you head off to enjoy the music and magic with you
r own event tickets (your chance to win is coming...you ready to find out how easy this one will be?)!

Ok, so for the prize to help you remember the cool kiss of winter that you are yearning for at the same time as thrilling over the magic and music coming....we're offering a prize package combo of a jar of Candy Cane Forest (this is a holiday preview batch, folks!) Bath Fizz, a bar of Mint Forest soap, 2 meal tickets for the Stone Soup Cook Off, and 2 tickets for a Friday only full pass to SteamFest (yep, this even includes the concerts as well as hall pass for the day)!

To win, all we need you to do is go and invite at least 10 of your friends, family, and neighbors to the facebook event for The Whistler's Faire via your facebook profile, share it on twitter, or sharing the graphic on instagram and then let us know either in a comment here or on the facebook post about this contest. Better hurry, though....you only have until Monday night before the winner will be announced!

Here's where to find us, so Bring on the FUN!!!!

Summer around here means LOTS of fun and events where we'll get to visit and play with everyone....and where you can find not only your favorites but also all kinds of new treasures and delights!

So, having said that, to make it easier for you to find us as the season goes I'm going to keep a running schedule here for everyone....and when I'm able, I'll help give a few previews for the upcoming events (and new product releases) for things on the facebook page (plus this way those of you who aren't able to be there in person will get a chance to also play and catch a touch of what is happening at live events). So, you ready? Set?  Here we go!!!

*Wednesday, August 3rd: Believe it or not, we're actually helping to put on a big event just for the Wednesdays in Wellsville farmer's market!  We're calling it The Whistler's Faire which is a bardic festival and a one-of-a-kind community event for N. Utah. There will be your weekly favorites of fresh produce and local artisans, but for this one day only there will also be a series of storytellers, live entertainers such as magicians, balloon artists, face painters, and a community-wide Stone Soup Cook-Off where kids ages 14-21 will be put into teams and competing for a cash prize...and the community (who pays for their meal tickets) will get to join with judges in finding their favorites to give grand prizes to! More details are available on the blogsite ( www.whistlersfaire.blogspot.com) including applications and such, but in the meantime feel free to talk with the good people we're partnering with from the market at www.facebook.com/wednesdaysinwellsville so that you can score some amazing meal tickets and fun previews!
*Saturday, August 6th: Cache Valley Gardeners' Market fresh produce, live music, and amazing art....plus yours truly, ready to have fun with fiber, chainmaille, and luxuriously scented practical touches for you! Find us between the courthouse buildings at 199 N. Main in Logan from 9am-1pm. For more info about the market, go to www.gardenersmarket.org.
*Wednesday, August 10th: Wednesdays in Wellsville farmer's market is one of our favorite events, right at the foot of the gorgeous and historic Tabernacle in Wellsville, Utah in their town square. Fresh produce, amazingly comfortable and gorgeous setting, cool breezes, and even a craft corner under a canopy so people can sit and chat for awhile....come experience it for yourself 3-7pm!
*Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 12-14th: we're heading to West Valley City for SteamFest! A terrific (and unique for our region of the country) steampunk immersive convention, we're excited to be able to celebrate all of the incredible industrial and fantasy inspired play and learning! For more information about this event, be sure to go to www.saltcitysteamfest.com.
* Wednesday, August 17th: we're back to the Wednesdays in Wellsville market (before heading back out for some family time).
* Wednesday, August 24th: just in time for Back to School week, we're returning for the Wednesdays in Wellsville market....and very excited to hear what you think of our special seasonal previews (special for the Wednesday market) along with all of the incredible opportunities to get geared up before this market closes for the season!
*Saturday, August 27th: Back to School week makes a terrific time to come by the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market, and we'll be right there with you! With lots of fresh produce and wonderful food, not to mention all of those new apartment and new school essentials, you won't want to miss all of this opportunity!
*Wednesday, August 31st: the very last market for the Wednesdays in Wellsville farmer's market, and you won't want to miss out....talk about a seasonal preview opportunity, just in time to make sure you are able to get a full jump on getting everyone covered on your holiday lists so that you'll be able to relax and enjoy all that the holiday has to offer!
*Saturday, September 3rdCache Valley Gardeners' Market brings you fresh produce, live music, and amazing art....plus yours truly, ready to have fun with fiber, chainmaille, and luxuriously scented practical touches from us just for you! Find us between the courthouse buildings at 199 N. Main in Logan from 9am-1pm.
*Monday, September 5th: the Wellsville Founder's Day is a terrifically fun opportunity to really get into celebrating and playing for Labor Day!  Check out all of the event schedule info HERE, and then get ready to join us for a day of fun right next to where the parade, watermelon bust, and more activities are to be found along with your favorite scent luxuries, chainmaille glitter, and fiber friends!
*Having gotten to the end of the summer season, things calm down a little as we'll be found only every Saturday at the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market from 9am-1pm....and what a rich opportunity this is given the variety of summer produce available alongside your handcrafted favorites! For more information about the market itself, feel free to check them out at www.gardenersmarket.org.
We'll be getting even more information to everyone about everything happening this month and the few following, but for the first 2 weeks of October you'll still be able to find us at the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market and then we'll be starting our holiday shows and run including a spooktacularly fun event in Salt Lake City area dedicated to all things Halloween. While we're enjoying all of the summer fun, though, we're looking to fill our Autumn/Winter schedules so if there is an event you'd like to see us at be sure to let us know!

Cephalopods and Octopi and all of the curly fun!

Whether you are a complete fan of all things aquatic, a lover of exotic seafoods, or just thoroughly enjoy looking to find fun, curious, or cute critters, there is just something about an octopus that tends to grab hold of the imagination. When you start searching out cephalopod art, you will find them in everything from a wide range of science fiction and fantasy figures to literature inspired canvases to children's cartoon themes and beyond. 

In our house, particularly for the past while, it has distinctly come with the music of the Octonauts theme playing frequently.  So when I saw a squid's tentacles dancing across the screen just after looking at a piece of jewelry with the tentacles curling into a twisted pendant I was reminded of some twisty ponytail holders from my childhood...and just HAD to see if I could get that look to turn out in fiber the way I was envisioning it!  (Yes, I know...for those of us in the know, that was a bit like watching Pinky's thought process getting revealed to the Brain but what can I say?  He always was the genius of the two, hahaha.) Hence, the birth of the Octopus addition to our Minis collection. 

They are made from a wonderfully soft acrylic yarn, nylon lined so the stuffing is far more secure, and filled to being squishable with a non-compacting polyester fiber....all of which adds up to some wonderful little characters that kids can play freely with, pull and tug on with all of that enviable energy, and even the eyes will still stay where they are supposed to (though to be fair and honest, these little guys ARE made of yarn so at some point I'm sure the threads will give way with abuse). Be ready though...these little friends will still love to cuddle after all of that, so you will have a hard time getting rid of them. ;) 

Another fun part is the wide variety of colors we can use with them. If you'd like to request one for yourself click through to the etsy shop, check in with us on facebook, or share a picture with us on instagram. With that thought in mind....what color would you most like to see worked into those wonderful curls?

Drum roll please...........

That's right, folks, it is time!  We hope that you've all had an absolutely fantastic time etting those sneak peeks of so many new products (not to mention enjoying some of our favorites from the regular inventory) while we've been able to play a little during the past couple of (cold) weeks. We can't wait to hear from every one about what they think of their prizes!  Did you catch on to who was winning things before?

Congrats to Gayle Knapp and Anna Bernoulli each winning a crown!
Congrats to Kim Davis, hot cocoa bomb winner!

Congrats to Bo Diana for winning all of this!

Ok, but now that we've once again been able to celebrate with everyone who already knows their prizes....what about the grand prize?  Well....the winner of all of the jackpot that includes the following prizes from The Handmade Heritage etsy shop as well as the Cauldron Bubbles etsy shop:

 is none other than......Diane Creighton!!!  Congratulations, Diane, we'll be touching base soon on how to get all of your grand prize to you!!!

Thanks to everyone who has joined in the fun and prize offerings, and checking out all of our product sneak peeks!!!  We hope you've enjoyed yourselves, and can't wait to hear from you all very soon!  (Be sure to stay tuned....while we're working hard to get all of the shop updates caught up as well as the blog fully running again, we're likely going to be having some further celebratory offerings and contests up so be sure to stay tuned!)


You know how as a kid you always wanted to find that missing chest of pirate treasure, or to stumble on the dragon's horde....or even just that someone from Publisher's Clearinghouse would just walk up and give your folks or you that check? Boy, are you in good company!  That is something of the feeling we wanted to create as we were beginning the introductions
to you of some of the newest listings in The Handmade Heritage etsy shop even as we have directly been hoping to introduce to you our new Cauldron Bubbles etsy shop and all of the new bath luxuries that we've begun selling there....we hope you've enjoyed it all!

While we've had so much fun getting to hear your comments (and seriously appreciate everyone who has been participating), the clock has wound down to the final giveaway...and a whole new beginning for us.  Having said that, we wanted to "go with a bang" on the giveaways...so we're going to make our last giveaway (for a little while anyway) more of a doozy as we start really revving up with the online shops.  We're going to have a "grand prize jackpot" that includes a massive collection:

A child-size Ponytail Wig hat, 

a bottle of Rocky Mtn Christmas fizzy sand,

a 9-pack of Flu Relief shower melts,
a bar of Peppermint Cream Soap and Soap Mat, and even

a sweet little Mini Dragon to round the whole prize out!

With a full prize value worth more than $65, you don't want to take too long to come join the fun and bring your friends!

To enter to win, we're asking everyone to tag 2 friends you think will be interested on the business facebook post.  For an extra entry, after you've tagged your friends on facebook leave a comment here on the blog letting us know what are the ways you'd love to spoil yourself and your friends if you had the option.  The contest will run through January 31st so you'll only have until then to get your entries in, and the winner announced the next day.

So tell us....what would you like to find in that treasure chest for you and your friends?