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Friday's Favorite: Pristine Photo

Most anyone who is familiar with our facebook page and etsy shop is not going to be at all surprised when you see who our first Favorite Friday spotlight is on.  She's a local photographer who specializes in newborn boutique photography (including maternity packages) and wedding photography (thought trust me, she is absolutely fantastic with other types of photography as well which you can see on her website, found at the end of this article).....well, doing all that on top of caring for her adorable kids and amazing husband, that is.

Have you guessed yet?  lol, I'm sure the title was a dead giveaway but....yep, it's Tina Ernstrom who owns Pristine Photo.  Tucked into a gorgeous little spot in the Cache Valley, she's one of my absolute favorite sources for incredibly animated children's photos that match beautifully with which ever product she is using (like with these adorable little crocheted puppy hats).  You can just hear the yipping and panting going on with them whenever you look at it!

Another gift she has is in getting some of the most snuggly photos of newborns I've seen in...well, pretty much ever! Even with a topic/setting that is often something that leaves you almost hearing the horses neighing like this sleeping sweetie with the crochet cowboy hat.

 The really breathtaking shots she gets that are huge favorites, though, are her wedding photos. I don't know that I've seen any photos that she's taken where a wedding couple or family's characters are not shining out with full emotion.  But then, you tell me?

Can you see something of why I consider myself ever so lucky to call her friend as well as one of my favorite photographers? :)

 If you would like to contact Tina, you can easily find her via her website (www.pristinephoto.com) or on her facebook page (www.facebook.com/pristinephoto).  Be sure you let her know I said hello! :D

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