"Where family, tradition, handmade, and history all meet." is more than just a catch phrase...it is our offer to you. With practical luxuries your skin will be enchanted by, unique handcrafted jewelry, and fun fiber for all ages!

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The Mortal Faces Behind the Designs

Once upon a time....way down among the red rocks in a south eastern pocket of Utah....two obnoxious teenagers bumped into each other and found they had a couple of things in common.  Then they got over their shyness, started really talking, and found they had even more in common.  A few years later they found out just how incredible it is to have your best friend truly forever.  To sum things up pretty un-romantically, this is a thin description of us.  (If you are happy with that, then stop now...I'm rather infamous for gabbing too much, hahaha.)

 To attempt to sum things up, my name is Rachel.  I am the owner, blog writer/blatherer, crochet designer and stitcher, booth sales face, and hyper-huge dreamer here at The Handmade Heritage.  When I'm not found at the computer or with a crochet hook in my hands, you'll find me in our garden plot at the local community garden or on our patio, doing historic and cultural research, volunteering in our church and community, as well as chasing my 4 so-adorable-it-can-be-obnoxious kids and the most amazing husband even my dreams couldn't have equaled.  (Yes, there is more to me than that....but you'll just have to keep reading the blog to find out more, hahaha.)

John is the other half of our little business...and definitely my better half.  He is a genius with his hands whether you are considering his 18 years working in a variety of kitchens small and large, working with wood and metal with his family as well as on his own, co-designing and creating the jewelry you all love so much, or even just making the business displays and various pieces.  When he isn't working with the business, or chasing those kids I was mentioning, he too is volunteering at church, helping the neighbors, and keeping all of us sane while maintaining his own hobbies and interests in games, mechanics, histories, literature and writing, and so much more.

Now, we aren't the only faces you'll see here on the blog (or even at the stall).  But we'll introduce each of the people who come play along as they join our adventures and hopefully entertain you as well.  In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying yourselves as we are beginning to play along and hopefully helping as we go!  (Photos courtesy of Shooting Star Photography, if you like these you should check them out...they are terrific to work with!)

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