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They Can Write?!

So I have heard several times from the good, bad, and opinionatedly lovely how I need to do more about the blog, and more than completely correct too.  Which is why we're going to be launching a new series for your enjoyment:

* Mom's Mondays: Where we'll find different tips, tricks, etc that this mom will try out and let you know how it works out for our experiments....lol, this could be either really fun or really dangerous! lol.

*Tasty Tuesdays: Yep, that's right!  John is an absolute genius in the kitchen with more than 18 years of professional cooking experience, and I'm the housewife who likes to figure out how to make his incredible creations work in a real-life kitchen...and You are the ones who get to let us know what you think of the results.

*Wooly Wednesdays: Everyone keeps asking about the threads we use, the equipment that create, and the inspirations for patterns as well as caring for such things.  So, at long last, we're gonna start posting details about each of them....from our own experiences and perspectives.

*Thrifty Thursdays: Who doesn't LOVE a great opportunity for fun giveaways, contests, and even opportunities for freebies?  So for all of you thrifty souls who like to save a buck or ten, we're going to be finding ways to help get you in touch with exactly those.  Whose with me?

*Favorite Fridays: There have been so many incredible people we've met who inspire, provide, and support that we're going to do a little bit to give back.  On Fridays, we're going to find our own favorites and share them with you including our own rave reviews on their given services or products.  That way you can also enjoy the genius in action that happens behind the scenes, lol.

Ok, enough text from me for now, lol.  I'm sure everyone can't even begin to be as excited as I am about these as it will be a bit of a challenge, but a girl can't succeed if she doesn't first have a goal right? lol  So here's to new challenges and great adventures, may we all enjoy ourselves completely!

Oh, and by the way....if there is other information you'd like to see, don't hesitate to come and let us know.  You can easily find us on facebook.com/TheHandmadeHeritage or by emailing us here at handmadeheritage@gmail.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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