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What lyrics are these?

Thanks to everyone who participated!  And the winner is, guessing My Valentine.....Lynda Bear.  Congratulations, Lynda!!  For everyone else, as a thank you to each of you please take advantage of a coupon offer found in the comments.  Happy Holiday Week, everyone!!!

You know how certain days or times there is That One Song that always takes you back to that irreplaceable moment in time?  Well, after the tech hiccups that happened over the weekend which put off our usual contest, we figured we'd simply share our own celebrations for today with all of you.  Today happens to be our wedding anniversary, so we're going to give you a hint as to a particular song that brings back the feeling, memories, and moments of that day.

How do you win?  Simply share this picture or the link to this blog post via facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, etc., and then come and let us know that you shared (where/how) here or on the facebook post and what your guess is for the song.  The names of the people playing (and sharing/commenting) will be entered into a random list to win this pair of earrings at the cost of shipping.

Ok, the lyrics that you need to find are.... "You're all I need, my love".  We'll be leaving this game going until tomorrow, so please keep sharing and playing...the more ways you share, the more times you get entered (one method per person to count).  Ready....Go!


  1. I'm commenting here too... but it says either/or (fyi). I shared on pinterest and Facebook. I think the earrings are amazing. My guess for the song is My Valentine. (and it's Lynda, not Kyle ;))

  2. Hmmm . . . Can't figure out how to share this from here but I shared the FB post if that works? And my guess is Endless Love - 8 think that's the name! Lisa

  3. I shared on Facebook and my guess is My Valentine. Love the earrings. Jody Muir

  4. My Valentine is my guess for the song. Shared to FB. Laura H.

  5. I believe the song is Valentine by Martina McBride :) And I shared on Facebook and Pintrest :)

  6. Congratulations, Lynda, and Thank you to each and every one of you! I hope you've had fun and enjoyed this week's game, and as a special thanks for participating please use coupon code FUN25 to get a special 25% discount through the etsy shop. Have a terrific holiday week everyone!!!