"Where family, tradition, handmade, and history all meet." is more than just a catch phrase...it is our offer to you. With practical luxuries your skin will be enchanted by, unique handcrafted jewelry, and fun fiber for all ages!

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I can't resist...

And the answer is.....lol, Read it at the bottom of the post! hahaha  Congrats and Thanks to everyone who participated, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and your rewards! (Closed now, but check back for more soon!)

Ok, so I can't resist any longer.  Soo....the game this weekend is going to be fairly quick, painless, and is starting a little early!

It is pretty simple.  Each person who can accurately figure out how long it takes me to make one of these fun Triple Slipster Headbands will win one....free (plus the cost of shipping)!  Just leave a comment here or on the facebook page's post for this contest to enter.  Winners will be announced Monday.  Easy, huh?  Ok, Ready.....Go!

Please be kind to all of your friends and share this incredible offer with them....it will likely never be repeated again!

 *And the drummer is tired of rolling so....one of these headbands takes us about 30-45 minutes to finish (without buttons).  Congrats to Chris, Danielle, and Julie (I'll be in touch directly)!  For everyone else, as a thanks for participating, how about a cool 25% discount with any order from the page?  Just enter FUN25 at checkout to use your discount on what you find waiting for you there.

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