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A Pony Stitch-A-Long!

Yep, you read right: we're going to be hosting a stitch-a-long for everyone!  And it isn't just any ol' design either...this is the incredibly popular Pony pattern!

We're going to be doing this two different ways:

1- In person at Knit Unique on Main St. in Logan, Utah where we'll get to play with our fiber and hooks as we work each of these parts up together, helping to answer any questions to come up.  We'll be doing this each Tuesday night at 6pm starting on July 29th and running until August 19th.  Not available those nights or not local?  No fear!

2- We're also hosting our stitch-a-long here online as well!  Each week on Wednesday, we'll be updating the blog with specific directions regarding the parts we're learning directly as well as pictures to help fill in a few of those blanks that aren't as easily explained (at least for this lady who happens to be a bit more verbally challenged).  I'm also hoping that you'll join with showing off your progress on the facebook page as we go.  You can ask questions either in the comments to each blog post or there on the facebook page or even via email.

I know, I know...you already have questions. How about we try and answer just a few to help everyone get ready?

First of all, for this particular stitch-a-long, there is no cost involved save for the cost of your materials (the list will be posted shortly so keep reading, but if you purchase your supplies at Knit Unique I believe they usually have a discount offered for any of the classes) and a suggested donation to go to the one who our pattern design is based on. This pattern I'm about to share with y'all is based on a genius design created by Megan Daly over at Hooked on Anime.  She is sharing this free of charge at http://hooked-on-anime.dreamwidth.org/6139.html, though there is a suggested donation of $6 to help her be able to continue sharing her patterns.  You can find her story there....my story follows which will explain a bit about the differences.

Basically, last Summer I had a special commission request come in via a friend and colleague at the local Gardeners' Market.  She was looking to be able to get a giant crochet pony for her daughter's upcoming birthday and she wanted it to be styled similarly to the My Little Pony character Rarity.  I agreed to help her, with the warning that it would take a great deal of time....especially as this was going to be a totally new take on things for me.  So I started doing my research.  After a few brain-racking months (and some crazy fun watching some of the new cartoons with my kids who are now TOTALLY addicted), I finally figured I would learn from a making a smaller version and began searching...and stumbled across Megan's generous and genius design.  After making it, I started tweaking with the pattern (finally figuring out I'd more or less have to start from scratch) and thus was born the GIANT pony.  For the sake of my own sanity, as well as in an effort to find ways to make other animals for myself/all of you of various sizes, I later went back and added my own twist to the pony pattern so that it works for using double stranded yarn (which changes the finished size and weight thus requiring a tiny bit of tweaking) plus added some ruffle yarn to use for the mane and tail.  As this isn't my own creation but instead is based on Megan's genius, I'm hoping that the double stranded translation will be a fun twist for those of you who are already used to her fun pattern but we want to keep credit where credit is due so be sure to let her know how much we all appreciate her!

Ok, enough boring history.  On with the fun preparations!

Just an example of what a pony looks like made from these brands.
To join us for our fun project, you'll need the following:
*1 full skein (maybe more if you prefer a REALLY full ruffle) of ruffle scarf yarn, Choose This First!
*2-4 or more skeins of worsted weight yarn.  The kind of yarn is based on your own preference, but it also tends to dictate how many skeins you'll need.  For example, when I use the I Love This Yarn acrylic brand (the Hobby Lobby stuff) I'll go through 2 skeins.  When I use the Encore brand (the acrylic I found at Knit Unique) I used 4 skeins.  Each of the yarns are going to have a different kind of elasticity so be sure that you have plenty.  One very important note: Be sure that you find your ruffle yarn first and then keep it with you to help you choose the exact color and shade of yarn you are going to use for your pony's body Trust me, trying to go the other way around is really a frustrating stinker.
*Your favorite crochet hook...size J/10-6.00mm is my preference though if you prefer a tighter stitch size down to and I (I wouldn't go lower than that, you'll start slipping the threads)
*A good tapestry needle...I prefer the Chibi brand (the larger ones with the bend needle end as the bend helps work through the threads and the larger size allows for the multiple strands faster/easier)
*4-5 pairs nylon knee-highs (I get mine from Walmart in their little bobbles that are usually 3/$1) that are approximately the same color as your body yarn
*At least one full 12 oz package of stiff polyfil stuffing...not the quilt batting (unless you're ready to really tear it up and fluff it or you'll have battering rams...my boys proved that one!), but the already fluffed stuff.  I will usually use Morning Glory brand, but go with what you think will give you the best fill without being too fluffy or you'll never be able to get your pony to stand on its own two feet much less to hold it's head high. :)

And that is pretty much it for now.  Feel free to leave those questions in the comments so we can help everyone find their answers hopefully as easily as possible and mark the date....we don't want to miss a single one of you with our fun introductory project!!!

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