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The Month for Giving Thanks!

We Have a Winner!!!  Thanks to everyone who participated, we had a great time getting to see you all brag about your amazing littles!  Winning announcement is found at the bottom of this blog post, including a special something extra for everyone who participated.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

We have sooo many wonderful fans, friends, and customers that we thought we'd give an offer for all of you as a way for us to say "Thank You!" for all of your support and the fun we've been able to have with all of you.....by opening things up for some more fun while helping all of you prep for the coming winter and gift-giving season!

So this is what we are proposing.  For the next few weeks, we're going to open things up a bit here online to give everyone a chance to brag about their favorite and adorable....with the added bonus of possibly being the winner to get even more.

The idea is to send us your pictures where a product you've purchased from us is included (and visible), then have all your friends and family who also like your pictures come and leave a comment. The picture that has the most comments will win the grand prize: a full $50 to choose from among all of our products.

So how can we see people leave the most comments?  Well, what you'll need to do is email us your picture to handmadeheritage@gmail.com with "Thanksgiving Giveaway submission" in the subject line and the first name and initial of the last name (for example: Thanksgiving Giveaway submission Rachel M.).  Then we'll get that up online and post the links to find it on the facebook page album, in the google+ albums, and on a specially set up pinterest board to really help you make it available to as many of your friends and family as possible (with the understanding that these will be shared publicly).  The links will be posted here (we'll amend this blog post with each person's name followed by the links placed in order of entry submission and with a number attached).  Then you just share the information with everyone you know as often as you like via your favorite means so that they can come and leave those comments.

These can be pictures of any product you've ordered from us over the past, and can also be anything that you receive from us before the contest ends.  The contest submissions must be in by Friday November 22nd 2013 and the comments counted on all fronts and the winner announced Wednesday November 27th (yep, the day before Thanksgiving).    Then....be sure to stay tuned, we're working some fun things just for the weekend after Thanksgiving (including Cyber-Monday).  Ok, ready?  Set?  Go!!!

Facebook Album: www.facebook.com/thehandmadeheritage
Pinterest Board: www.pinterest.com/thehandmadeheritag
4- Sent in by Genessa Oak, this little darling dressed to match is just a doll!!!
5- Submitted by Deb Johnson, this girl is seriously having fun with one of our Granny Fan Beret's...and who can blame her with that smile?

6- Sent in by JS Camarda, doesn't this adorable little guy make you want to just grant any wish he should come up with? 
2- Submitted by Kelli Harris, this handsome guy finished off his costume with our Scarecrow Hat and clearly charmed those crows right out of the sky!
3-Submitted by Brittany Willis, this warm baby grin with a custom ordered cap is so soft and warm..and so incredibly contagious!
1- From Crystal Hoeg, are you ready for a picture that is likely to make you giggle along with?
And the winner is.......Crystal Hoeg!  Congratulations and great job guys, that was an incredibly close race!  Plus as a special thanks, how about an awesome discount just to say "Thanks for playing with us and Happy Thanksgiving".  Just enter FUN25 at checkout from our etsy shop to get 25% off of your order.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and truly...Thank You from the bottom of our hearts, the only reason we are able to do so much with and for others is because of You!