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Jingle Bells?!?!?!

This contest is closed, though stay tuned for more fun to come!  (Answer is posted at the tail of the blog post.)  Thanks to everyone who came and played with us!

The sun is sending heat down in waves, cool lake and ocean waters are beckoning, toes everywhere are crying out to be buried in lake mud or sandy beaches, and (that's right, hard to believe though it may be) the craft stores are pulling out all their Christmas wreaths.  All classic symptoms of pre-Christmas fever....and a way of introducing this week's game!

I can hear the "WHAT?!?!?!" coming from a lot of you right about now, hahaha, but for those of us who are designing their own products/patterns and who sell at all those fun Christmas gift boutiques and fairs it really is about that time. Didn't you ever wonder why so many of the small-time designers push "Christmas in July" sales before?  Well, now you know (or at least, now you know one of the reasons).

Having confessed all that, I'll state bluntly that it is the way things are around here.  Yep, Christmas fever has begun!  So for this week's game, this one is going to be a guessing game and the prize is a Flip-Strip Earflap Hat w/Tassels.  Ready?

Basically, I'm asking you all: What do you think my favorite upcoming holiday design is going to be?  To enter into the contest, just a: leave a comment here or on the facebook page with your guess and b: share this contest with everyone via your favorite social media (google+, pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc.) and leave an additional comment that you shared the fun.  The winner will be chosen and announced Friday this week, but remember: you can enter one additional time for every time you share this contest via social media (one additional entry per social media site per day) and let us know about it so the more you join in and leave guesses the more chances you have to win!

How's that for a way to kick start your week? :)

  And the answer is.....The Snowman hat! (I can't resist those fun snowy looks that develop as I stitch, hahaha!)

So, are you all ready for the winner (at long last)?  Drumroll please.........Congratulations, Stephanie Nelson!  Plus as a special thanks to everyone for participating, each of you are welcome to take advantage of a 25% discount from anything in the etsy shop or the facebook page by using the code FUN25 at checkout.  Plus as a special "Thank You!" for all of your patience while we've been duking it out with our tech, we're including a pair of free flower tie-ons with each order!  

Thanks again for joining with us this time, we look forward to seeing what you think of all our newest and favorite holiday designs! 


  1. Halloween! I think that's your favorite upcoming holiday design :)

    1. Haha! After reading what you wrote, Maybe it's going to be crocheted winter hats for Christmas. Can I change my answer?